Трудолюбие и отвага
Я, как всегда, в танке (особенно после рождения 3-го ребёнка), но сегодня я узнала, что Blackmore's Night сделали кавер на Moonlight Shadow Майка Олдфилда!
Все свои мысли по этому поводу я уже написала у себя в тумблере, по-русски переписывать уже не в силах. Поэтому я просто оставлю это здесь...

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Blackmore’s Night did a cover of Mike Oldfield’s Moonlights Shadow!!!
MIKE OLDFIELD!!! My all-time favourite artist! Covered by BLACKMORE’S NIGHT!!! My fourth all-time favourite artist!!! (after Clannad and Loreena McKenitt)!!!
*gathers her breath*
Candice and Ritchie, I love you very, very much and your first two albums as Blackmore’s Night are perfection and take me right back to my 15-year-old self listening to them on my Walkman standing in the back of a trolleybus (if you don’t know what a trolleybus is, Google is your friend.) But that’s beside the point (quoting Ritchie Blackmore himself). But please, please stop covering great songs from the past that are already great without the pseudo-medieval gloss of fancy Blackmore-esque guitar fingerwork. Oldfield is Oldfield, he is equal to no other and never will be. And I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard what one of the world’s greatest guitarists of all time (i.e. Blackmore) did to MO’s guitar solo! As for Candice’s rendition, well… Candice is a lovely beautiful lady, she’s a typical Taurus (sorry, I’m a firm believer in horoscopes!) - she is best at home with her kids (which is evident from her latest music videos and her “solo album” which is a glorified kids’ bedtime CD!), her voice is OK, but no more than that. Her vocals don’t even stand close to Maggie Reilly, sweet as they are.
Conclusion: Bad Blackmore’s Night, BAD! Go back to the studio and record some original material! (Oh, and don’t touch Oldfield!)
PS: I once said that I’d buy anything Mike Oldfield released, even if it’s an album of nursery rhymes (and wouldn’t it be amazing to play those to my kids!). Well, seems like that’s exactly what Candice had in mind with her “Starlight Starbright”!